I have been receiving treatments from Nancy Moore for five years now, originally for a very tenacious lung issue. From the acute stage, when I could barely breathe, to the now (thankfully) maintenance phase, Nancy has been a tremendous support and help. Her treatments always help me move toward healing and she is a sympathetic and intuitive practitioner. She has gone out of her way to be available for appointments on my rare visits to Bellingham, and I see her regularly on her scheduled trips to the islands for sessions. She is a dedicated, caring, and highly effective healer and I recommend her to my friends and family. —Isa

Fantastic acupuncturist. Nancy Moore has treated me with acupuncture many times, beginning more than 13 years ago, and her treatments have always been extremely effective. She is one of the warmest and most caring people I have met in the medical field, always taking time to listen to my story and respond with professional warmth and kindness. She is an extremely effective practitioner and I feel blessed to know her. —Julie

Excellent and awesome acupuncturist! My husband and I have been getting acupuncture for more than 20 years, and since moving to Bellingham in 2005 we’ve been seeing Nancy. We always feel better and heal faster, whatever the ailment. Nancy was also very accommodating with my niece when she was visiting. My niece had not had acupuncture before, and she felt wonderful afterward. It helped strengthen her immune system, as she had no more colds after that (in her college dorm). All in all, Nancy is highly recommended! —Jan

Nancy helped me with my hay fever. My grass pollen allergy is why I initially decided to try acupuncture from Nancy. Her treatments helped, and we also talked about changing my diet in order to improve the condition. She is compassionate and easy to talk to. I’ve been back to see her regularly ever since. My condition has improved significantly and I’m sure Nancy’s treatments contributed to that. —Lei

I have been sent to all types of treatment and therapy for my ailing parts, but if my insurance would allow it I would just go to Nancy, period! She is very professional, caring, and extremely dedicated. My health always improves from a treatment. —Linda

I absolutely recommend Nancy Moore! When I hurt my shoulder I was in terrible pain. After one session, I woke up the next morning with the pain significantly reduced and much more mobility. I was very appreciative of her helping me understand my injury. She made it a quick recovery! I took my mother to Nancy—twice now—and she had only good things to say about her experiences with her as well. Thank you! —Kuros

I have known Nancy Moore for nearly two years and have found her acupuncture treatments most helpful in relieving stress, anxiety, and discomfort of any kind. Aside from being so good at what she does, Nancy is extremely compassionate, caring, dedicated, and thorough in her approach to me as a patient. I certainly recommend Nancy to anyone who is interested in the natural healing capabilites of acupuncture. —NS

I have been seeing Nancy for several years to treat various problems, but especially for issues relating to chronic anxiety. Her kind, thorough, intelligent treatments have made a welcome difference in my experience of life. I would recommend her to anyone seeking holistic care for either physical or emotional problems. —Pam

I have been receiving acupuncture treatments from Nancy for several years. I find her both grounded and intuitive in her practice. She takes great care in assessing my health issues and I always feel wonderfully relaxed after my sessions. She is a lovely combination of highly professional and very caring. She makes a point of contacting her patients in the islands ahead of time to remind them of appointments. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking acupuncture in the wider Bellingham area. —SB

For several years I wintered in Florida and summered in Connecticut. In both locations I tried Chinese acupuncture for relief of COPD and lower back pain. There were noticeable differences among five different acupuncturists who treated me, and results were mixed. Not long after I moved to Bellingham I again found myself suffering from lower back pain and sought relief with Nancy. Her thorough explanation of what acupuncture can and cannot do made a lot of sense to me. After half a dozen treatments my back was 99% back to normal. As a result, I have made a habit of visiting her regularly on what she terms a "health maintenance" basis. She has been wonderful. She is genuinely interested in my health and well-being, and is 100% frank and honest. I feel lucky to have her as my practitioner and can recommend her highly. —Ted

I have been a patient of Nancy Moore’s for seven years. Gradually, the pain and stiffness in my fingers, knees, lower back, and feet has lessened, and I have more flexibility. Much of this is due to my acupuncture treatments. —Judie